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How do you join brass pipe fittings?


​Joining brass pipes and fittings typically involves using threaded connections or soldering. Here are the two common methods:

Threaded Connections:

Thread Sealant (Pipe Thread Tape): Wrap the male threads of the brass pipe with pipe thread tape. Make sure to wrap it in the direction of the threads. This helps create a watertight seal.

Threaded Joint: Screw the threaded end of the brass fitting onto the taped male threads of the pipe. Use two wrenches to tighten the joint securely. One wrench holds the fitting, and the other is used to turn the pipe.


Clean the Surfaces: Use a wire brush or emery cloth to clean the exterior of the pipe and the interior of the fitting. This removes any oxidation or contaminants that could hinder the soldering process.

Apply Flux: Apply a thin layer of flux to both the cleaned pipe end and the inside of the fitting. Flux helps promote solder flow and ensures a strong joint.

Assemble the Joint: Insert the pipe into the fitting, making sure it goes in fully. The flux should be between the mating surfaces.

Heat the Joint: Use a propane torch or a similar tool to heat the joint evenly. Move the flame around to heat both the pipe and the fitting. When the joint is hot enough, touch the solder to the joint, and it should melt and flow into the connection.

Capillary Action: The melted solder is drawn into the joint by capillary action, creating a strong and sealed connection.

Cooling: Allow the joint to cool naturally. Do not disturb or move the joint until it has fully cooled.

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and safety guidelines when working with brass pipes and fittings. Additionally, it's crucial to turn off the water supply and drain the pipes before attempting any work to avoid accidents or damage. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with the process, consider consulting a professional plumber.

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