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Automatic lathe is unstable, what are the reasons?


Automatic lathe is a kind of high performance, high precision and low noise automatic lathe, which is an automatic machining machine tool that controls the machining program by CAM. Automatic lathe is suitable for instruments, watches, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, glasses, stationery, hardware and bathroom, electronic parts, connectors, computers, mobile phones, mechanical and electrical, military and other industries batch processing small parts, especially more complex parts.

Automatic lathe in processing, often encounter leakage tapping, tapping depth is different, rotten teeth and other situations, especially after a long time of high-speed operation of the machine will appear such a problem, in the phone nut machine reflects more frequently, the following small series to analyze the causes of these problems:

1. First check whether the tapping tip of the tapping machine has wear resulting in uneven force, and then check whether the spring is too loose or replaced with a new spring;

2. Tapping machine tapping belt adjustment is not tight enough or belt wear leads to slip. Tapping machine tapping triangle belt too loose can adjust the adjusting screw behind the machine adjust to the appropriate state, such as belt aging can be replaced with a new belt;

3. Tapping machine fixed screw position, can be readjusted to a stable level;

4. The brake pad of the clutch is bad, the brake pad can be changed, if it is aging, the tapping machine needs to be replaced;

5. Micro switch contact wear, replace the new micro switch. (Use the input microswitch);

6. CAM stop switch position, adjust to the appropriate position, if the start is too slow will also lead to the tapping machine tapping instability;

7. Material deformation or excessive residue in the chuck. Should check more materials and clean more collets;

8. Tap problem, check tap or replace tap.

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